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Imagine having a beautiful professionally made film of a yourself or a much loved relative, laughing, giving advice and telling their funny stories and family legends? So much more real for children than pointing out a mute figure in a photo, or a snatched wave on a wedding video.


A bridge between those here and those who are gone is what we are trying to achieve with Film Your Will.  You can add meaning to the dry legal words in your will; for the executors perhaps “everythings in the file in the desk” or “rent the house rather than sell it”. For the guardians “we really want our children to travel” or “we would like any creativity to be encouraged”. Whatever fits in with your family ethos.


And most importantly your stories, hard won advice and loving words. All captured to give comfort to your children when you are gone and so your descendants can get a glimpse of the real you. You may want your film played at a funeral or used privately for your children, grandchildren and great grandchildren to watch when they need words of comfort that you are not there to give any more. In this social media driven age a professional film could be a beautiful memento of you.


As an independent will writer in Bath ( I work with you before the filming session to prepare what you are going to say on film, both from a legal and personal perspective.  If you haven't made your will I can do this in conjunction with the preparation process. If you have we can use that will as a basis for the film. Then my partner Gary Young, an award winning LA and Bath based film maker, meets us at the second session to make the film. This can all be done at home. 


Although the principle reason for filming your will is an emotional one, recording your will does have practical legal value. Although legally a film cannot replace a validly executed will, a film of your will may;


Minimise disputes: A film enables you to explain why you have written your will as you have. This may minimise misunderstandings and disputes and could dissuade potential claimants from challenging the will.


Protect the will from challenge: Although in England you can say what you like in your will, wills can be challenged through the courts on various grounds. A film providing a visual record that (i) you had the capacity to make your will; (ii) you were not influenced by anyone when making it; (iii) you properly executed your will, could all add up to provide powerful evidential support for your will if anyone did try to challenge it after you are gone. 



I would be pleased to discuss any aspect of the filming of your will with you. Contact me on 0770 323 0154 or use my contact form.

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